How Rob Rice Homes’ Walk-through Process Provides Valuable Information

With real estate in high demand in the South Sound, the process from pre-sale to building to move-in can last many months. At Rob Rice Homes, we ensure each homeowner is involved in every stage of the process as their new home is built from the landscaped ground up. Where many other builders consider their jobs done as soon as the new homeowners have the keys, Rob Rice and his team have a carefully considered post-sale process intended to leave owners feeling cared for and prepared to face many years in their new home.

The Walk-through Binder is a Homeowner’s Best Friend

We’ve written about our communities’ HOAs and Rob’s personal involvement in each neighborhood, but the walk-through binder is a somewhat unsung hero of the post-sale process. Delivered to each homeowner once their new home is move-in ready, the tabbed three-ring binder is complete with a plethora of details about vendors, maintenance and other knowledge of the home’s inner workings. For Rob Rice employees, this is more than just a goodwill gesture; it is genuinely important to us that each of our homeowners understand the ins and outs of their new living space, and we credit the walk-through binder with helping us maintain the lasting relationships and loyalty we are known for.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Rob Rice Home without a personal touch. We include a welcome letter in each binder, informing the recipient that a Rob Rice representative will give them a tour of their new home. Typically, this walk-through is performed by the site superintendent, and includes a room-by-room tour of the home.

The binder helps guide residents through their first few years of owning the home.


Thorough Information, Happy Homeowners

As they guide the new homeowners through the house, the site superintendent will pay special attention to installed systems and explain how to use them. In standard homes, this includes the thermostat, smoke detectors, fireplace and air filters, among others. Those who have chosen from our many optional upgrades may learn specifics about the air conditioning. The binder also includes an extremely detailed sheet with specific information about the home, from the exact shades of interior paint to the type of hardware used on the doors.  It gives homeowners ample space to note their questions, concerns and anything else they’d like to address prior to closing. They can explore the home and ensure that any potential for buyers’ concern is thoroughly addressed and resolved.

Recommended Homeowner Maintenance Schedule

The walk-through binder is small but mighty. Beyond tabs for the HVAC system, warranty procedures, utility service contact information and more, its most handy inclusion is the Recommended Homeowner Maintenance Schedule. With the use of organized columns, the Recommended Homeowner Maintenance Schedule looks forward to the next four years of home ownership, listing elements of the home that require upkeep on the left (paint, electrical, plumbing, etc.) and the recommended intervals of time to perform maintenance on the right. For example, it’s recommended that water line connection checks be performed in the third quarter of each year, and the form includes a space for the homeowner to mark or initial the completion of the task for posterity and future reference. The sheet includes reminders to keep up the landscaping, HVAC filters, gutters and more to help keep the house functioning well and feeling new as long as possible.

Perhaps most importantly, the binder includes critical warranty details, including procedures and coverage information. We make sure our homeowners are informed and well-prepared to tackle a worst-case scenario without stressful guesswork.

The Pre-Sale Advantage

This meticulous focus on the details should come as no surprise to buyers who work with us through our unique pre-sale program. Those who choose to customize their homes as pre-sale customers get to follow

From the binder: the Recommended Homeowner Maintenance Schedule

the building process from the very beginning and design their home from the ground up.

Pre-sale homeowners have their choice of lot (pending availability), home plan and a variety of interior and exterior details. These details include interior and exterior paint color, flooring, quartz or granite slab counters, backsplash tile and more. In some cases, like that of Black Lake Palisades resident Evonne Peryea, residents opt to upgrade and alter a full design element like a kitchen island.

The most popular upgrades in the pre-sale program are usually hard surfaces, such as extending hardwood floors into areas that are traditionally designed for carpet, or changing the counter and tile materials in the bathrooms. Pre-sale homeowners can visit our partners at Signature Floors and Interiors and Olympia Lighting Center to choose their specific design materials ahead of their installation.

Once the home is complete, a sheet outlining every detail of their choices is included in the binder, right down to the serial numbers of installed tile and the names of specific paint colors. Should a homeowner decide to replace a fixture, repaint a wall or find matching materials for a future remodel, they need only consult the walk-through binder to know exactly what they need and where to find it.

Of course, the walk-through process is good for the neighborhood, too. We find that residents who are well-informed and acquainted with their new home are more likely to take pride in it and keep it looking like new for years to come.

Are You in The Market For a Luxury Home in the South Sound?

Currently, our popular communities in Thurston County are sought after to the point of being sold out, but our pre-sale program is a fantastic way to be the first to know when a Rob Rice Home becomes available. If you are interested in learning more about our Bradbury community, nestled in gorgeous Lacey, contact Heather Keating. If you prefer an ideally located and family friendly community in the heart of Tumwater, connect with Lucia Arroyo and Christina Janis to learn more about Steilacoom Ridge. We hope to hear from you!