Rob Rice Homeowners Keep Luxury Homes Beautiful Long After Sale


All one needs to do to understand the enduring pride and value of a Rob Rice home is to drive through one of our South Sound neighborhoods. Take for example the beautiful, Lacey-based community of Steilacoom Ridge. Conveniently located near I-5 and the Regional Athletic Complex (RAC), Steilacoom Ridge was an instant hit with families and commuters to nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). Now, more than four years after we broke ground on the neighborhood’s luxury homes, Steilacoom Ridge is a thriving community of proud homeowners with glorious yards and open spaces.

Every Rob Rice Home comes with a carefully landscaped front and backyard in a neighborhood that includes intentional green space and a park-style common area. While each community of luxury homes has an HOA in place to ensure the property’s lasting value and neighborhood pride, it’s ultimately up to the individual homeowners to decide how their space will be maintained. Our fabulous homeowners take ownership of their space, with some hiring professional design services and others exercising their green thumb all by themselves.

It’s this level of pride and intentionality that sets Rob Rice homeowners apart and keeps Rob Rice communities gorgeous and desirable. Builder Rob Rice speaks often about the pride he feels for these homes and the deliberate decisions he makes to help those communities thrive, including owning investment properties in the neighborhoods he designs. It’s rewarding to see homeowners taking the same approach, investing in their homes and contributing to their communities. Last month, we talked about the value of our incredible HOAs and the way they work to provide peace of mind for homeowners who invest in the long-term value of their home. You can learn more about how our HOAs work and what they do for our South Sound neighborhoods in this blog post.

We want to take this opportunity to share the beauty of some of these well-kept homes in Steilacoom Ridge and applaud our homeowners for all their hard work. Their efforts make their Rob Rice community of Steilacoom Ridge a beautiful place to look at and an even better place to live. Here are a few of our favorites:


Are You Interested In A Rob Rice Home?

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