Rob Rice Homes Offers Owners Opportunity to Upgrade Luxury Homes

Over the past year, high demand and unusual circumstances have led to record sales of affordable luxury homes in Rob Rice Homes communities like Bradbury and Steilacoom Ridge. Our pre-sale program, which allows interested parties to be notified when construction of a new Rob Rice home is planned, has created ample opportunities for South Sound residents to take part in building their dream home from the ground up.

Every Rob Rice community begins with blueprints for each individual lot, with various home designs planned ahead of time. These models are named and numbered for recognition, and set up with various features (for example, Bradbury’s Pine 2457 model features a popular main-floor master suite). While high-quality materials and craftsmanship set Rob Rice Homes apart, homeowners are given the opportunity to upgrade even further, if they so desire.

“Our most popular upgrades are usually surfaces,” says realtor Christina Janis. “Buyers like to extend the hardwood floor that comes standard in the entryway, out through the living room or den.”


Many homeowners choose to upgrade from partial to extended hardwood flooring.

While some homeowners start with specific requests, like adding air conditioning, it’s not uncommon to become inspired and realize they want to change something further along in the process.

“Once they see the quartz or granite slab countertops in the kitchen, homeowners often request them in the bathrooms as well,” says Christina. “People love to upgrade the five-piece master bath to make it more of an oasis, and to suit their specific needs. For example, more storage or different tile.”

Lasting Partnerships, Luxury Homes

It’s Rob Rice Homes’ decades-long partnership with specific local businesses that makes these upgrades possible. Sunset Air, a South


Under-cabinet lighting and a custom backsplash elevate the kitchen to new heights.

Sound-based heating and electrical company that has partnered with Rob Rice Homes for over 25 years, provides air conditioning to buyers who request it. Flooring upgrades come from Signature Floors and Interiors in Kent, and stunning luxury light fixtures come from Olympia Lighting Center.

The upgrades pictured in this article are from a beautiful home in Lacey’s Steilacoom Ridge. The homeowners opted for quartz throughout their master bath, extended the hardwood throughout the main floor and customized the kitchen cabinets with an upgraded backsplash and under-cabinet lighting. While they may seem subtle, these changes helped turn the house into a dream home for its owners.

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Home?

If you are interested in learning more about our upgrades, other homes in Steilacoom Ridge or the pre-sale program itself, contact broker Christina Janis at 360-888-2295 to learn more. Christina can provide you with more information and even guide you through the process of building a dream home of your very own. Contact us for more information.