Learn How to Change Your Home’s Air Filter With These Tips

Those who own a home with an HVAC system know the importance of a fresh air filter: clean, breathable air is a major component of everyday health, especially in a global pandemic. With health at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and the unusually high amount of time spent indoors over the past few months, it’s important to know how to change the air filter in your home’s heating and air conditioning system.

The life span of an air filter depends on several factors, including material and level of use. We advise checking your air filter every 90 days or so, and even more frequently if you have pets in your home, as their dander can shorten the filter’s life span and reduce its effectiveness. In this video from our friends at Sunset Air, service technician Robert demonstrates how to change the air filter on your home’s furnace, safely and effectively.

The first step Robert shows us is to open the filter door, which has two clasps to entry, and two filters within. The arrows on these filters point in the direction of the “return air plenum,” a fancy word for the duct that allows return air to flow through to be heated or cooled. It is critical that your filters be facing the correct direction for them to be effective. Robert advises writing a date on each filter, so you can know exactly how long they’ve been in there, and can monitor the date of each change. It is also helpful to write down the brand and size you used, so you don’t accidentally buy a filter that doesn’t fit.

It’s a simple task, but it’s incredibly important for your health and the health of your family to keep your air filters clean. Mark your calendar for “air filter day,” and take care of this task along with other routine chores. Now that you know how to change the air filter in your own home, you can look forward to fresh, clean air and proper airflow for years to come.

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