HOAs Benefit Rob Rice Communities and Homeowners

Whether they’re the first owner of a new build or a long-time resident of a Rob Rice Homes community, every Rob Rice Home owner can rest assured that their investment is protected by a well-managed homeowners association, or HOA. In fact, the HOA’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) form is one of the first documents our new homeowners receive upon moving in. Here’s how a cohesive and well-run HOA ensures Rob Rice Homes communities retain their beauty and value for decades.

What is an HOA?

The CC&Rs form explains the guiding principles of the HOA, which primarily focus on the preservation and upkeep of common areas in our neighborhoods, including

HOA dues go toward the maintenance and upkeep of beautiful public spaces, such as this one, in Rob Rice Homes communities.

the natural space featured in every Rob Rice Homes community. These guidelines focus on fairness, consistency and maintaining the beautiful homes and yards that set Rob Rice Homes apart from competitors in the area. In fact, Rob Rice himself maintains investment properties in each community, and is personally involved in their HOAs as a homeowner.

“I have a vested interest, not only because I care about the lasting value of a community with my name on it, but also because I own homes in each one of them,” says Rob. “We do our utmost in quality home construction and like our homeowners, I want to protect that investment.”

Providing top-level HOA management is one of Rob’s highest priorities, which is why Rob Rice Homes partners with companies such as Community Management Pro Services. CM Pro Services manages many of our communities and focuses heavily on meeting the needs of each community they work with. They function less like a “boss” and more like a resource for homeowners when a problem occurs.

How does the HOA work?

All in all, the HOA works to provide peace of mind for those who want their home and neighborhood to remain beautiful for years to come.

The HOA receives monthly dues from its members in the neighborhood, which provide the funds for community projects and maintenance. Monthly dues in a Rob Rice Homes Community typically range from $40 to $100 per month, which many homeowners consider to be a nominal fee given the value received. Members can see their dues in action through the upkeep of grass, flowers, entrance walls and other landscaping. The HOA maintains any picnic tables or other outdoor furniture installed in common areas and alerts the city to potholes and other municipal upkeep issues.

“Associations have been required by the local jurisdiction for years, and for many reasons,” says Rob Rice Homes manager Kim Showalter. “Primarily, they establish an entity to be responsible for owning and maintaining common spaces, but they also provide owners in the neighborhood with some level of assurance that their community will be consistently maintained and that their homes will retain their value in the long run.”

Kim Showalter, Manager

Kim would know; she’s been on the Rob Rice Homes team since 1989, and has been overseeing the HOAs for over 25 years. New associations crave rules and consistency, she explains, while established neighborhoods without the strong backbone of an HOA erode over time. In many cases, an HOA is only as good as its president. When resident leadership changes, so do the rules.

“By working with a professional association like CM Pro Services, we eliminate a lot of issues,” Kim explains. “Nobody likes to be the one to tell their neighbor they can’t dismantle a car on their front lawn, but if an impartial manager makes contact, personal feelings are minimized.”

CM Pro Services team lead Cassie Tompkins has a unique hand in this process.

“The relationship between Rob Rice Homes and CM Pro Services is unique,” Kim says. “Cassie and her team are involved from the outset, and they help get neighborhoods off to a good start with consistent enforcement of the CC&Rs and guidelines.”

Thanks to the hard work of team members like Kim and Cassie, Rob Rice Homes’ residents can look forward to continued value and beautiful luxury neighborhoods for years to come.

Want to learn more?

You can learn more about our communities by viewing our website. To learn more about CM Pro Services, visit their website at cmproservices.com