9 Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Changing Seasons

Fall is here, and that means we’re getting closer to cooler temperatures, weather changes and the end of Daylight Savings time. In the world of real estate and home maintenance, this seasonal transition brings to mind a number of essential tasks to keep your home in terrific shape. Whether you’re in the market for new homes in Lacey or you’ve owned your property for decades, every house can benefit from seasonal TLC. Here are our nine favorite ways to help you keep your home functioning well and looking fantastic.

  1. Clean (or Replace) Your Gutters

The age of your home will determine whether your gutters could use a simple cleaning or a full replacement. Gutters are a critical line of defense for your interiors, keeping water from pouring in and inflicting costly damage. Our new

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Gutter maintenance is a crucial aspect of overall home health.

homes in the South Puget Sound likely won’t require a gutter repair or replacement, but we do encourage all homeowners to scoop out any debris that’s found its way in over the summer months.

Signs it may be time for new gutters:

  • Peeling paint or rust
  • Sections that appear to be sagging or out of alignment
  • Cracks – even small ones!
  • Standing water or mildew along the gutter or downspout, as this can damage the foundation and trim of your home
  1. Check Your Detectors

The end of Daylight Savings time serves as a fantastic reminder to keep yourself and your family safe by changing the batteries in your CO2 and smoke detectors. This year, we fall back on November 1! It’s also a terrific time to make sure your home’s fire extinguisher hasn’t expired.

  1. Seal Your Doors and Windows

All of our new homes in the South Puget Sound feature premium-quality doors from our partners at Doors Unlimited.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat lost through improperly sealed doors and windows is responsible for as much as 30% of total energy use in the average house. If your home has been particularly uncomfortable over the past few months, at either end of the temperature spectrum, this is an upgrade worth exploring. If you can close a piece of paper in your front door and move it around, that’s a sign that your seal is worn out and needs to be replaced.

  1. A deep seasonal cleaning isn’t just for spring anymore!

    Show Your Lawn Some Love

While the cool, rainy season might seem like the worst time to work in the yard, feeding your lawn in the fall is critical to ensuring that it lasts through the winter. Many of our new homes in the South Puget Sound feature low-maintenance landscaping, but even homes in those communities could use a little bit of care as we move toward the winter months. A high-phosphorous fertilizer will take root easily in mild weather and help the grass bounce back after a summer of playing host to your kids’ fun and games. Take this chance to pull any weeds you see, and reseed bald spots that could use a little extra love. Those roots will remain active throughout the winter and with proper protection, you’ll be greeted by a lush, gorgeous lawn in the spring.

  1. Shut Off and Cover Exterior Faucets

While this is more of an act of winterization, keep an eye on the exterior temperature and check your hoses. It’s important to drain and remove your hoses and cover your spouts before the weather dips below freezing. We’re fortunate not to get very severe weather here in the South Puget Sound, but that doesn’t eliminate the risk of a burst pipe. Make sure to store your hoses indoors so they’ll remain in excellent shape for next summer.

  1. De-Lint Dryer Vents

Did you know that dry air increases static electricity? It’s true! You’re likely to get a little shock – or cause a serious problem in the laundry room. In the interest of safety, make sure your dryer vent and lint trap are cleaned out at the start of the season and continue cleaning the lint trap every one to two loads to drastically reduce risk of a home fire incident.

  1. Schedule Heater and Furnace Maintenance

Calling our partners at Sunset Air! The start of a new season is a great time to have a professional check out your heating system to ensure everything is in working order. All Rob Rice homes in the South Puget Sound are outfitted with top-of-the-line residential heating systems, and Sunset Air will enthusiastically send their technicians to service them any time of year. This includes your furnace filters, which have seen an unusual amount of smoke and air pollution this summer. The last thing you want is to find yourself without heat in the middle of November, and we don’t wish that on you either! Get a professional to check on your system so you and yours can stay warm and toasty all winter long.

  1. Do a Deep Clean

While it isn’t necessarily a safety precaution, it’s a wonderful idea to deep-clean rooms in your home that might have accumulated dirt over the summer, like your kitchen and bathrooms. A weekend of scrubbing will provide you months of enjoyment.

  1. Inspect the Exterior

Your home’s exterior is the first line of defense against all weather, and we’ve had a hot, dry summer. Do a quick check for peeling paint, damage to siding and other signs of wear. This is a much more likely concern in homes that are 10 years old or older, but all homeowners should take a look and act on maintenance as needed. According to Carl Minchew, director of Benjamin Moore paints, “Peeling paint is a sign that the existing paint film is failing and can no longer protect the siding of the building. Left uncorrected, the siding itself will deteriorate, leading to expensive repairs in the future.” If your home features painted siding without a laminate seal, make sure you catch these issues early to avoid a costly problem down the line.

Looking For a New Home?

If you’re dreading all the maintenance your older house requires, maybe it’s time to look for a new home in the South Puget Sound. We encourage you to reach out and connect with us to get on our pre-sale list for a luxurious and fantastic Rob Rice Home! We look forward to hearing from you. https://robricehomes.com/contact/