Tips for Gaining Curb Appeal

A stylish Washington home exterior can make a house more attractive to potential buyers (if you’re in the market to sell) and it can also add appeal to impress family, friends and neighbors. Whether or not you want to list your house now or years from now, it’s a smart idea to create an eye-catching home design to avoid expensive facelifts in the future.


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Here are some ideas to guarantee fresh curb appeal and a memorable home appearance.

Create a warm welcome with a bright door in a colorful shade. Adding a geometric rug softens the look of a stone porch while an Adirondack chair set sends a cozy greeting.


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A well-manicured front lawn with lots of plants and flowers will instantly create a Washington home with a pretty façade. Potted and hanging plants are a best bet as they create lots of visual vegetation and draw the eye around the property. Make sure bushes and large trees are well-trimmed to maintain a polished exterior.


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A front walkway that is crumbling or in disrepair will reflect poorly on the condition and state of a home. Maintaining a brick footpath will ensure that guests can easily navigate their way to the front door and have a designated path for leaving that doesn’t involve stomping through any garden or grass.


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For those seeking to wow their neighbors or potential buyers, nothing is better than a colorful front porch. With lots of flowers, hanging lanterns and staircase candle vases, a home will be downright unforgettable.


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A rickety mailbox can spoil the appearance of an otherwise masterfully maintained home. In order to ensure that the exterior looks fresh, it’s a prudent idea to update the mailbox or add fresh paint. Also, additional flowers or a burst of botanic goodness can create a more glamorous home exterior.



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When in doubt, one of the most surefire ways to boost the curb appeal of your Washington home is with a fresh coat of paint. Adding a bright paint color like yellow can create fresh and sunny energy that will make any home ultra appealing.

Guest Post By Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor