Pet Safety Tips For Your New Home

Tech to Keep Your Dog Safe While You’re Away

New HomeAfter moving into your new home, you want to prioritize pet safety. Your dog is a member of your family that is often left behind at home while you are out living life. Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong while you are away — loss of a/c or heat, fire, etc. And since your dog doesn’t have a smart phone, you have to stay proactive to keep tabs on its safety. Thankfully, a pet owner has plenty of tech tools to rely on. Here are five that are the most helpful.

Security Cameras

Install security cameras in your new home to keep an eye on your dogs while you’re away . FLIR is a well-known company that provides optics to Apache helicopters and other military vehicles that also provides civilian security cameras under the Lorex name. While you don’t need a military-grade thermal camera (it would be cool, right?), Lorex has a top-notch security camera line that can be purchased online.

To make the system an effective dog spying tool, you’ll need to have access to live video. This is easily accomplished by installing plug-and-play IP cameras that provide real time viewing via your smartphone.

Voyce Activity & Health Tracker

There are plenty of pet activity trackers on the market, but few of them include as many features as this does while also acting as a pet health tracker. Tracking your dog’s health stats in real time (via a 6 oz. smart collar) allows you to make on-the- spot medical decisions to keep your pet safe while you are away. Voyce also tracks your dog’s activity intensity, sleep levels and calories burned.The Voyce Wellness Management Center organizes all the information in one central location.

Nest Thermostat

This is an especially great product if you live in a region that experiences extremely hot and/or cold temperatures as it allows monitoring and adjusting a home’s temperature remotely. The Nest also “learns” your living habits to help keep your energy use down. When there is snow on the ground, you’ll know your pet is comfortable. The Nest thermostat pulls double duty by acting as a hub for other connected devices in your Smart home.

Passport Pet Access Smart System Door

This high-tech pet door allows pet owners to control who or what enters and exits through their pet door. An RFID chip affixed to your pet’s collar acts as a “key,” and the door can be programmed for individual pets. While not currently available, the company plans on releasing a Wi-Fi card so their customers will have the ability to control the pet door via their smart phones. An item like this helps keep unwanted guests out of your house while still providing your pet with an option to exit in an emergency.

Sofa Scram

The Sofa Scram works by emitting sonic blasts when your pet attempts to get on the couch — and you know Fido is getting on the couch because you installed a camera system. This innovative product will save your furniture from pet damage and keep your dog’s paws planted safely on the ground.

After moving into your new home, consider any one of these tech tips to keep your dog safe when you are not home.