How Well Do You Know Your Home Heating System?


Rob Rice Homes has proudly partnered with Sunset Air, a local business with a sterling reputation, for the home heating system in each of our luxury communities. Based in Lacey, Washington, Sunset Air services the South Puget Sound as well as all of Western Washington, and we could not be more thrilled to showcase their series of HVAC system demonstrations and how-to videos aimed at teaching homeowners how their home heating system works.

Do you understand the ins-and-outs of your home heating system? The majority of homeowners rarely think about the technical side of things, and don’t learn until the unit requires significant repairs. This is the first of several HVAC system related videos we’ll be highlighting over the next few months. In the video below, Sunset Air’s residential service technician, Robert, explains how your home heating system reads the outdoor temperature to regulate the indoor airflow. The less then two minute video  provides a glimpse into the quality of product, and exceptional service, Sunset Air provides every Rob Rice home.

Emergency Heat | Sunset Air from Flowstate on Vimeo.

Sunset Air can do much more for your home than provide a home heating system. Their extensive services include complete HVAC systems, heating, cooling, duct and electrical maintenance, and they’ve faithfully served the community since 1976. COVID-19 has created a complicated environment for small towns and small businesses, and we are proud to partner with the hard-working and determined folks at Sunset Air. While they’ve had to close their lobbies to the public for now, they want to assure their customer base that the closure is  temporary. Like Rob Rice Homes, Sunset Air remains open for business online and over the phone.

We hope you enjoyed the HVAC system demonstration in the video, and an exciting glimpse into one of our longest and most cherished business relationships. For questions about Sunset Air, visit their website at

For questions about Rob Rice Homes, reach out via our Contact page. As always, we wish you the very best of health, and look forward to seeing you just as soon as it’s safe to do so.