Gear & Solutions for an Organized Garage

Rob_Rice_HomeThe garage can be a place of organized storage and creativity, or a cluttered mess. If yours is the latter, your tools aren’t much good to you if you can’t find them. Keep your garage clutter-free so that all your tools and equipment are ready and accessible for crafts, home improvement projects, and yard work.

Here are some ideas for creating a functional, organized garage space.


Start off by getting a comprehensive storage system, which includes a tool chest, bench space, and shelves.

  • A good tool chest can help keep your garage tidy, and free from the mess of tools scattered across every available surface.
  • Bench space will offer you the perfect designated place for tinkering on car or lawn mower parts, or working on a craft project. Here, you can keep all the tools you use daily, whether you choose to hang them above the workstation on the wall, or organize them on the table.
  • Shelves will be ideal for housing and organizing your larger tools. From power drills, saws, and air compressors, shelves give everything a designated place, and get your bigger stuff up off the floor.

Tip: Don’t let extension cords trip you up! Coil them and place them on a shelf where they can be easily accessed, or mount a large wall hook and hang them neatly.


A storage system will help keep your tools and gear off the floor, but there are several additional ways to get even more organized in your garage.

Magnetic tool holders can be a great way to organize small drill bits. Think that magnetic knife holder in the kitchen is only good for knives? Next time you’re in the home appliance section, pick up another one to mount in your garage and you’ll never lose another drill bit again.

A job can go a lot quicker when you can find the screws and nails you need without having to sort through a bucket of different sized parts. Repurpose pickle jars or clear plastic peanut butter jars, and assign a jar to each set of screws, nails, or small parts. Label each jar with a Sharpie marker to take out the guesswork.

Hang a shoe rack on the back of a door or on a wall to store paint brushes, cans of spray paint, and even small tools like hammers and screwdrivers. This way, everything is put away within sight and within reach.

Bikes can be bulky and difficult to store in the garage, especially if you’re limited on space. Invest in a set of wall mounts for your bikes, and store them up and out of the way.

Car Repair

If you use your garage space for car repair, make sure to have all the essentials handy and ready for the job. Dedicate a full shelf to car maintenance items, and include the basics such as a good car jack and lift, motor oil and oil filter, an extra can of gasoline, antifreeze, wiper fluid, and extra wiper blades. Keep a spare set of quality tires on hand for emergency replacements, along with a tire repair kit for minor damage.