Don’t Make These Mistakes

Rob Rice New HomeMany times our buyers come in to our communities and fall in love with the quality construction and abundance of standard features offered in a Rob Rice new home but often times they have to sell their house first.  Here is a quick list of what not to do before you sell your home.

  1. Pre-Listing Home Inspection – You may think your home is perfect but why not eliminate the element of surprise and pay the few hundred dollars it takes to inspect your home. It is better for you to find a problem now than right before you are getting ready to close. To find a home inspector in the Thurston, Lewis or Grays Harbor area go to:
  1. Skimping on your sales prep. Doll it up. Hire a home stager and de-clutter your home. Make it look clean, crisp & fresh.  We recommend Design Smart Staging & Re-Design for home staging.
  1. Choosing the wrong REALTOR®. Instead of picking a REALTOR® who’s a friend of a friend, a relative or perhaps someone who’s great at working with buyers, take the time to pick a REALTOR®with an excellent reputation for listing homes. Your payoff will be much larger if you list your home with a REALTOR® with local market knowledge and sales expertise.
  1. Don’t forget about curb appeal. If you polish and primp inside your home but neglect to pull weeds or paint your front door, you run the risk of potential buyers leaving without ever entering your home.
  1. Do not keep information from a buyer. It is best to be upfront and honest about any home repairs needed. Don’t be surprised when a home inspection is done and your buyers find out about a problem right before you are expecting to close.
  1. Do not overprice your home. If you’ve hired the right REALTOR®, than trust that person to price your home to sell. Just because you may have invested in upgrades in your home they may not be worth what you paid for them.   Trust your agent.
  1. Being unprepared for your next step. What is your plan to move? Do you have a home that you’ve got a contingent offer on and is that house move-in ready? If not, do you need temporary housing?
  1. Letting your pets and kids spoil a sale. When your home is being shown, remove all the kids and pets and ensure that your house sparkles and smells inviting. Many buyers, especially those that do not have pets will be quickly turned off by odors or pets in the home when they are viewing it.