Day Like No Other

Today marks a memorable yet sobering day in the Rob Rice Homes family. It is a day that made us all realize that the invasion of Ukraine hits far closer to home than we ever imagined. A former homebuyer and now friend to Rob and Helena called with a favor. This homeowner who we will call Joe wasn’t just any homeowner. He is and has been one of the most respected soldiers in our military and years ago named one of the top Soldiers in the Army. We were fortunate to have this individual at Ft Lewis for a short time before he was off on his next mission.

Today the call was not a social call, it was a call for help.

Joe is helping raise funds and humanitarian aid to support former Special Operations personnel and other highly decorated individuals that are carrying out the mission to support the evacuation and relocation of multiple Ukraine women and infants. These women and children were victims of the Russian bombing of Kiev a few weeks ago.

This selfless group of individuals are risking their lives to save these women and children and they are doing this as civilians. Some are even giving up their paid time off to complete this mission.

We ask you to help us in supporting this cause. This mission is through the Sentinel Foundation. A 501 c (3) non-profit organization headquartered in North Carolina. This organization provides Special Operation methodology to solve complex problems worldwide that affect human life and specifically, children. The Sentinel Foundation focuses on counter child sex trafficking and crisis response to preserve human life during emergency situations.

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Thank you for your support.