4 Unconventional Fall Wall Color Ideas

Fall is the time to bundle up indoors while nestled close to a fire while reading a good book or enjoying a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Nothing keeps the wintery blues away better than some relaxing time at home. If you’re planning to spend tons of hours nesting inside, it’s important to select the right wall colors.

Here are four unconventional fall wall colors to dress up your abode for autumn.

1. Pale Pink


Image Credit: Image Via Provident Home Design

A living space gets a bit of cheer from a ballet slipper pink wall color. A ladylike shade works well with a room filled with cozy fall furnishings. A roaring fireplace, leather accent chairs and tons of flowers add drama to this family-friendly space fit for the harvest season.

2. Lime Green

Image Credit: Image Via Houzz

Image Credit: Image Via Houzz

Electric green is an unconventional and exciting choice for a modern kitchen cabinet color. This bold hue adds fresh energy to a cooking space, making it the perfect choice for dreary fall days. Embracing a bright and unexpected color is the way to inject any traditional space with a bit of pizzazz.

3. Chalky Amethyst

Image Credit: Image Via Benjamin Moore

Image Credit: Image Via Benjamin Moore

A chic living room space is an ideal spot for enjoying long movie nights and dinner parities on chilly nights. Purple wall paint gives this room a comfortable and down-to-earth vibe while adding a bit of balance to a well-lit room. Perfect for those wishing to add a little more panache, purple is an ideal choice for any fall focused room.

4. Twilight Teal

Image Credit: Image Via Domino

Image Credit: Image Via Domino

Dressing up a family room with a little dark teal provides a polished and pretty aesthetic. Refined and regal, a darker blue-green shade will call to mind stormy fall nights. Escape the long gone heat wave of summer in this calm and dreamy den.

Guest Post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor