What to Do With Your Spare Room? 5 Great Ideas


Many people have spare rooms they just don’t know what to do with. Maybe you’re an empty nester reluctant to change your children’s old bedrooms, maybe you have an extra room you use to dump things in when people come over or maybe you’ve just been too busy to make better use of your extra space. With many people continuing to work from home, or just spending more time at home altogether, it is time to spruce up the spare room in your house to make it useful and a place you love spending time in! In this blog article, we share five simple and effective ways to make use of the spare room in your house.

  • Airbnb/Guest Bedroom

Our first recommendation is to turn your spare room into a bedroom — either an Airbnb or guest bedroom. It could even be a mix of both. One of the biggest benefits to turning the room into an Airbnb is the extra money it can bring. It can also be an interesting way to meet new people, especially if you are renting out a room in the house you live in. Over 1 billion guests have stayed at an Airbnb as of February 2022, and they continue to be a preferred housing option for travelers across the world for vacationing as well as for short- or long-term rentals. This article offers a great step-by-step guide to readying the room for guests. Sprucing the room up with new furnishings is a fantastic way to make it more appealing – and can be a fun project! We have included two local businesses below to check out as you furnish the new room.

Another important thing to keep in mind if you will be renting out the spare room as a bedroom is the importance of a closet. A room is not technically a bedroom until there is a closet, so if you do not have one, make sure to add one before renting it out!

If you need to make bigger changes to the spare room before renting it out, such as updating flooring, tiling or lighting, check out local Thurston County businesses and our partners at Olympia Lighting Center and Signature Floors & Interiors for high-quality products.

Uncomfortable with strangers renting a room? Then turn the spare room into a guest bedroom! Depending on how many visitors you get each year, this can be a very effective use of your space. Whether it is your children visiting from college, extended family coming to stay or out-of-town friends, having a designated spot for visitors is really useful and welcoming. Just like with an Airbnb, make it comfortable and homey with fun furnishings from thrift stores and local businesses around Olympia.

2.)  Home Gym

home-gymDuring cold Pacific Northwest winters, it can be difficult to get the motivation to leave the house and venture to the gym. Or maybe you love going to the gym but want your own space as well. Either way, if you have a bigger budget for your spare room, a home gym is a great way to fill the space. You can purchase workout machines, dumbbells, mats and other equipment. Maybe even add in a mini-fridge to fill with cold drinks. This interesting article helps break down your gym goals with what you should think about including in your space to make it a gym you will actually use. If you are hoping to create a home gym with a smaller budget, that is definitely doable as well.

3.)  Home Office

If you work from home and do have a spare room, a home office is almost a necessity. Even if you still choose to work from bed or the couch occasionally, having a designated space to work is a complete game changer for productivity. This blog article includes helpful suggestions to ensure your home office is an effective space to get things done.

4.) Green Room For Plants

For plant lovers, turn your spare room into a green room filled with plants. This can be a beautiful transformation for your extra space. Of course, this won’t be as effective in just any room, but for a room with plenty of south-facing windows, lots of natural light and its own thermostat, it is a fantastic use of space. This article offers a helpful guide to creating an indoor green space.


To fill your room with plants, plant tools and accessories, check out these wonderful local Thurston County plant shops.

5.) Multipurpose Room

If you can’t decide what to turn your spare room into, consider a multipurpose room with a little bit of everything. Make one portion your home office, and the other side a library space. Create a section in your green plant room for yoga and meditation. Mix a game room with a room to do art. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a space that is meaningful and useful to you and your family.

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