What to Do If You Smell Gas in Your Home: A How-To From Sunset Air

Do you know what to do if you smell gas in your house? The natural gas used in modern homes serves many purposes and is ultimately a helpful and cost-effective resource that can provide the power for such necessities as heated air, fireplaces, stovetops and hot water. When natural gas leaks and mingles with the air in your home, it becomes a highly flammable and toxic substance. Fortunately, Sunset Air, a longtime partner of Rob Rice Homes, is here with a quick and easy video to show you how to use the gas leak shut off switch on your appliances if you suspect something is amiss.

Sunset Air is a local heating and cooling business that serves the South Puget Sound, as well as the rest of western Washington. In our last Sunset Air feature, their residential service technician, Robert, showed you how your home thermostat works. In this brief video, he introduces you to the gas leak shutoff switch, which could save your home—or life—in a crisis.

Once you know how to turn off gas in your home, it is important not to manually turn it back on until a professional like those at Sunset Air or the local fire department has evaluated the situation and given you the go-ahead. This is especially important if your gas safety concerns come on the heels of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake. Sunset Air is happy to help you with the next steps, including installing new or replacement equipment should such an emergency occur.

Sunset Air is more than just a home heating and cooling business, they’ve been our partner in reliable, high-quality homebuilding for over thirty years. They have faithfully served their community since 1976, with services including HVAC systems, heating, cooling, duct and electrical maintenance.

Every Rob Rice home is equipped with their exceptional furnace and electrical systems. If you have questions about Sunset Air, or would like to see their work in action, visit their website at here. We hope you enjoyed this video, and that you continue to tune in to our blog posts highlighting our partnership with Sunset Air. If you missed last month’s post, click here to learn about your home thermostat.

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