This Simple Checklist Can Help Prepare Your Puget Sound Home for Fall


Autumn weather in the Puget Sound and all around the Pacific Northwest can be beautiful – while also inconsistent. Raining one minute, hailing the next and then blue skies all within one hour is very common in this part of the country. Whether you are buying your first new home in the Olympia area or have lived here since you were born, there are a lot of things to do to prepare for fall and the colder, darker months this season brings.

Follow our checklist below to make sure your new Thurston County home is ready to brave the ever-changing weather we will have in the coming months.

Bring Your Outdoor Furniture Inside

Even though it is outdoor furniture – with the unpredictable weather we have in Thurston County, it’s better to save it for summer to ensure it lasts for years to come. With the cold and rainy weather that usually hits the Pacific Northwest in autumn, you probably won’t get the opportunity to use it.

Put the furniture you don’t think you will need this fall and winter into storage and cover up the items you may use.

Check Your Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

 It is important to make sure that your new Thurston County home’s heat is working properly – you will need it this fall and winter, especially if you are coming from a place where you are used to warmer winters! If you can, have a professional check your heating systems ahead of time. And don’t forget to make sure you are changing your filters regularly this season – this will keep your heating bills lower!

Clean The Gutters In Your New Olympia Home

When your gutters are clogged by leaves and other debris the Pacific Northwest fall weather may bring, rainwater will not drain properly through them. This may be something you were not used to if this is your first home in the Pacific Northwest. The leaves can cause water damage to the interior and exterior of your new Puget Sound home. Cleaning your gutters at the beginning of the autumn season will save you a lot of money and time in the long run when you don’t have to deal with the damage a clogged gutter can cause!

Plant For Spring

This is a great time of year to get your new Thurston County yard ready for spring before it gets too cold to plant your garden. Better Homes & Gardens has a helpful article on the best plants to put in your garden now to ensure a beautiful spring yard.

This article from Thurston Talk lists some local nurseries you can visit to spruce up your garden this fall!

Mulch Or Fertilize Your New Lawn

In addition to planting for spring, if you do have a yard this is the best time to get it mulched or fertilized and ready for a Pacific Northwest fall and winter.

Protect Your Outside Pipes

To stop your pipes from freezing, put in pipe insulation and use covers on your outdoor faucets.

Keep your garage closed so any water supply lines aren’t exposed to freezing temperatures.

To prepare for the chilly fall and winter seasons in your new Olympia home, inspect your house for any openings now to stop any drafts from freezing your water systems. Caulk any openings you find during your inspection.

Do An Overall Safety Check

 There are some overall safety items that you should check around your house at least once a year, so while you are going through your fall checklist, this is a great time to also complete some general safety inspections.

This can include:

  • Changing the batteries of your fire and carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Cleaning/inspecting your dryer vent to prevent a fire.
  • Calling a chimney sweep before using your fireplace. If you are new to the area and don’t yet have a chimney service, here are some Thurston County area companies:

A-A Chimney Cleaning

Rees Chimney Services

Tumwater Chimney Sweep

Drain Hoses

You don’t want to risk the water in your garden hose freezing and exploding. Blast the water out with an air compressor or stretch out the hose on a sloped yard or driveway.

Check Windows And Doors For Holes/Cracks

It can get cold in the Pacific Northwest in fall and winter. You don’t want to let that chilly air in! Check your doors and windows to make sure there aren’t any holes or cracks. If there are, fill them in!

Take Cozy Sweaters And Sweatpants Out Of Storage

If you’ve moved this summer or fall into your new Olympia home, you may still have all of your heavy winter items packed away into boxes. Now is a wonderful time to go through those items. Unpack the pieces you will use, and donate, sell or give away the items you are done with.

This is also a great time to bring out heavier bedding and any other seasonal items you may have packed away for spring and summer.

Clean Out Your Water Heater

 Your water heater will be busy this fall and winter. It can get chilly here in Thurston County! A water heater can get dirty, and if you don’t take the time to clean it there is the risk of it to fail.  If odor is a problem, we’ve got a quick fix.  First, unplug the water heater and flip the circuit breaker off.  When the water is cool enough, open the bottom valve and allow the tank to drain.  Then, close the bottom valve and pour 1-2 pints of hydrogen peroxide into the water heaters’ inlet pipe on top.  Be sure and check the users guild first.

Decorate For Fall

Now that you have done all of the work to keep your house safe and ready to go for the colder months, it is time to decorate! Fall is such a great time to add seasonal decorations to your house. As it gets colder and darker earlier here in the Pacific Northwest, you will probably be spending a lot more time in your new Thurston County home, so make it cozy and fall themed so you can fully enjoy it!

Plaid, leaves, pumpkins and garlands – whether it’s indoors or outdoors, there are so many options to decorate your home for the fall season.

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