The Best Fall Maintenance Checklist For Homeowners


Welcoming the fall season usually comes with extra responsibility as homeowners prepare for long-term home care and preventative weatherproofing. Rob Rice Homes loves and values your home just as much as you do, which is why we created an essential fall maintenance checklist to help you organize major tasks so you can keep your assets in top condition throughout the cold and rainy season.

Outside Weatherproofing

In our beautiful state of Washington, the weather is not the most predictable; the exterior of your home is directly exposed to varying elements and temperatures. When starting to tackle the tasks on your fall maintenance checklist, begin with items that are weather and time sensitive.

Luxurious Lawn Care

Although some of our Rob Rice Homes communities are designed with low-maintenance landscaping, it is still important to be aware of measures to personally take to ensure you have a truly healthy yard. Make sure to follow these three tips:

  • Boost your roots! This is a fantastic time of year to fertilize your lawn due to the milder climate.
  • Your yard is a great place for family activities but playing on the lawn can cause damage. Evaluate if now is a good time to reseed or to try to give it an extra revitalization.
  • Survey your property for any flora that needs pruning so it can grow back healthy and full in the spring.

Downspouts & Gutters

All those beautiful leaves falling from trees can, unfortunately, end up in unwanted places. A must-do on your fall maintenance checklist is regularly making sure nothing is obstructing your gutters and downspouts.

  • To prevent leaks, ensure gutters are properly secure and straightened to maintain a proper flow of water.
  • Verify there is no water pooling at the bottom of the gutters. Too much water sitting can cause damage to your home’s important foundational structures.

Windows & Doors

In addition to causing a draft, any unwanted space between windows and doors can expose your home to the elements. Be sure to:

  • Circumnavigate the house to check for window or door frames that are loose or improperly fitting.
  • Caulk around windows and doors to prevent drafts.
  • Check all sides of the house for any access points where unwanted critters can enter. Be proactive in scheduling pest extermination appointments now, if needed.

Extra Preventative Measures

While it’s hard to believe summer just ended, winterizing your home is vital to tackling your fall maintenance checklist, especially while the environment still allows it. You don’t want to be blindsided in the winter months, especially when upkeep will be harder to tend to. Be aware and prepare for future issues now!

  • Make sure your roof is in ideal condition. Loose or worn tiles make your home vulnerable to leaking.
  • Accessible pathways are important. Before we lose more precious daylight hours and have unpredictable weather, evaluate how safe your home is. Specifically check driveways, walkways, stairs and railings.
  • Store away outdoor furniture and winterize your grill so it will be in good shape next spring.

Indoor Home Care

Inside your home is where you create memories and a safe, welcoming place for your family and guests to enjoy. Don’t miss these items on your fall maintenance checklist:

Heating and Plumbing Systems

  • Check and see if you need to replace your furnace filter.
  • Have a professional confirm your heating system is working in prime performance.
  • Increase air quality and efficiency by having your ducts cleaned.
  • Prevent your pipes from freezing during the winter months by making sure they are properly insulted.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

  • Deep clean your oven.
  • Clean the range hood to get rid of grease.
  • Having fun in the kitchen can sometimes make messes we forget! Wash backsplashes, walls and the counter around the sink.
  • Scrub down the refrigerator. Make sure both the inside and outside are keeping your food as fresh as possible! Don’t forget to dust and sweep behind and underneath the appliance too!
  • While we may not use them all the time, also clean small appliances such as toasters and blenders.

Around the Home

  • Test smoke detectors and replace the batteries.
  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher in the home. If you already have one, look at the date to ensure it hasn’t expired.
  • Clean each room’s lights and change lightbulbs as needed.
  • Prevent a fire by cleaning the lint traps in your dryer!
  • Scrub floors, tile and grout the home.

Check Off Your Goals

As you can tell from our fall maintenance checklist, we want you to take care of your home so you and your family can love and enjoy it for many years to come! Are you interested in finding the perfect home and aren’t sure where to start? Contact us for details about the latest Rob Rice Homes available.