Rob Rice Homes Offers 15 Different Granite Countertops

Yes, that’s right.  We offer 15 different kitchen countertops to choose from, all standard selections for us, no additional cost for our buyers.  There are many options for kitchen countertops such as tile, quartz, marble, and concrete but granite continues to be the favored choice of our buyers.  The benefits of granite are:

Granite is Affordable.

  • Because of its elegance, availability and durability, granite has become the countertop of choice. That popularity, in turn, has lowered the prices.

Granite is Sanitary

  • Granite, like any raw natural stone is porous. However, once granite has been polished and sealed, its hard mirror-like glaze makes germ and bacteria penetration impossible. A warm soapy water wash then a clear rinse is all that’s required to keep it gleaming and sanitary.

Granite is Strong

  • Granite’s diamond-like hardness makes it the strongest countertop material available. Granite is heat resistant and nearly scratch and stain proof. Hot dishes and pots can rest on it. Sharp knives won’t scratch it.

Granite Will Remain Number One in Countertops

  • Granite countertops are not a trend. Because of its wide range of shades and colors, and capacity to match and complement any cabinet, sink, and appliance material, granite will remain at the top of the list well into the future.

If you’d like to view our selections of granite, visit one of our fully furnished model homes.  For information go to: