Rob Rice Homes Now Offers Quartz Countertops

How about the ability to choose slab granite or quartz countertops for your kitchen, all a standard selection in nearly every Rob Rice Home.  Available in six colors, our newest quartz countertops are sure to please any new home buyer.

Quartz is a natural quartz surface made by an optimal fusion of more than 90% quartz and resin materials. It is naturally beautiful yet incredibly durable. Treated and pressed, natural quartz stone is one of nature’s hardest minerals.

Quartz combines sleek contemporary styling with demonstrated strength and performance. It is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and is offered in an array of modern colors providing a beautiful and discerning countertop solution for any Rob Rice Homes new home buyer.

Quartz countertops do not require sealing, re-polishing or reconditioning. Keeping your countertop clean is easy. Simply wipe down with warm water and a mild detergent. Quartz is 99.93% solid and resist stains from coffee, tea, wine, grape juice, food coloring, nail polish and many other agents that permanently stain or ruin more vulnerable countertop surfaces.  In addition, quartz is smooth and impervious surface is unsuitable for bacteria and microorganism to harbor and grow. If safety and hygiene are a part of your countertop purchasing decision, really the perfect choice for your kitchen.

If you’d like to view a quartz countertop in a new Rob Rice Homes home, visit our website at: for more information.

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