Rob Rice Homes Excited to Introduce Nine Marvelous Maple Cabinets for Your Beautiful New Olympia Home

Variety is the spice of life! At Rob Rice Homes, we make it our mission to provide a wide range of top-quality cabinet and beautiful surface selections for your new Olympia home. Offering a diverse collection of stunning stained cabinets ensures Rob Rice Homes has an optimal option for any décor aesthetic.

That’s why we are excited to introduce nine top-of-the line maple cabinets from Canyon Creek Cabinet Company’s Cornerstone Collection.

Canyon Creek Provides Premium Cabinets canyon-creek-cabinet-company

Serving Western Washington loyally since 1981, Canyon Creek has been in the business of ensuring customer satisfaction for over four decades! These 40-plus years of dutiful service have cemented Canyon Creek as a longtime leader in the West Coast cabinet industry, and Rob Rice Homes is proud to work with them! Canyon Creek’s new line of gorgeous stained maple cabinets is more scratch-resistant than those built with beechwood, ensuring a sturdier and longer-lasting product for your new Tumwater home.

Check Out Our Inventory Of Fabulous Stained Maple Cabinets


Nine beautifully stained maple cabinets from Canyon Creek!

Cabinetry affects how your new Olympia home looks and feels, which is why we at Rob Rice Homes take pride in giving you the best possible options from top-quality cabinetmakers like Canyon Creek. Cabinets set the scene, not just for the kitchen, but throughout the entire home. A key choice in cabinetry can make or break the mood of your new Thurston county house. That’s why we offer a variety of stunning stained maple cabinets  to gorgeously complement your new Thurston county home. With triple the shades of maple stained kitchen cabinets compared to many of our competitors, Rob Rice Homes reaffirms our commitment to providing the highest-quality new homes in Thurston county. Explore our nine magnificent maple cabinet stains below.

The rich, bronze Caraway stain expresses a simple, traditional look in your new Tumwater home. Sable’s softer shades add elegance to any rustic decor. Cayenne’s colorful tones add a touch of spiciness to these gorgeous stained kitchen cabinets.

Cocoa nicely pairs inviting neutral colors with a dignified grainy texture for a top-quality rustic finish. Shadow’s calm, smooth surface offers a lighter look perfect for brighter kitchens. Seadrift’s soft, muted stains create an extravagant, refined gray background.


These gorgeous maple stains give a darker touch. Explore chocolatey Espresso’s elegant shades of rich ebony. Captivating Charcoal tones are perfect for a gothic aesthetic. The powerful Graphite stain is a bolder black that makes a strong statement.

Why Choose Luxurious Maple Kitchen Cabinets For Your New Olympia Home?


Beautiful Maple Shadow cabinets lining the kitchen perimeter of a luxurious new Tumwater home.


What are the benefits of utilizing maple in your new Thurston County home?

  • Maple is a wonderfully resilient material. This stained wood finish is highly scratch resistant! Famously among the hardest woods used in furniture making, maple makes some of the most durable kitchen cabinets available.
  • Maple wood ages beautifully into an appealing amber or exquisite golden yellow.
  • Each rustic stained maple cabinet has a unique combination of random knots, bark pockets and mineral stains, ensuring no maple kitchen cabinets are exactly the same.
  • The fine texture and smooth grain make this marvelous maple wood highly versatile in a vast degree of different aesthetics.

Additional Features Of Gorgeous Cornerstone Collection Maple Cabinets

  • There are four top-quality overlays for doors and drawers: traditional, modified, inset and beaded inset.
  • Drawer boxes come in ½ inch or 1/8th inch solid wood dovetail, hardwood dovetail and maple dovetail varieties, which allows for a strong and stable box.
  • As an added touch, all drawers are also soft-close!

Looking For A Luxurious New Home In Thurston County?

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