Rob Rice Homes & Epic Realty Teams Up With The Salvation Army To #RescueChristmas


Every holiday season, Rob Rice Homes and Epic Realty team up with the Salvation Army to raise money for those in need through their “Ring the Bell” campaign. The past three years, we’ve raised money for the Salvation Army’s Olympia Corps alongside our fellow Thurston County Realtors. This year, the need is greater than ever.

The global pandemic has affected every family differently, and a greater population is facing poverty and leaning on the Salvation Army’s resources much more than previous years. Unfortunately, the same virus is limiting volunteers’ ability to safely fundraise in-person, and the Salvation Army is unable to dispatch as many red kettles as they typically would.

“In our beloved home of Thurston County, we want to do as much as we can to affect positive change and make sure our neighbors enjoy a warm, safe and heathy holiday season,” says Rob Rice Homes and Epic Realty co-owner Helena Rice. “That is why we’re partnering with the Salvation Army’s Olympia Corps for online fundraising.”

Bringing Hope To Thurston County And Beyond

The Salvation Army began in 1865 and assists approximately 23 million Americans every year. Their services include year-round homeless shelters, emergency housing initiatives, transitional housing, long-term or permanent housing assistance and workforce re-entry resources. Some of their most crucial efforts include their work with those deemed “chronically homeless” – not coincidentally, one of the highest-risk populations for COVID-19. Their food pantries, meal programs and community gardens are working overtime to help those dealing with food insecurity. This year’s bill-pay assistance and Angel Tree programs are rallying community donations to help ensure that no family goes without Christmas presents or is turned out on the street due to an inability to pay their rent or mortgage.


Thanks to our partners, including Doors Unlimited (pictured) for their involvement in our annual fundraiser.

Typically, 2/3 of the Salvation Army’s overall operating budget comes from red kettles, which will be 50% less available due to pandemic-related restrictions. Combine a projected 10% unemployment rate with the pandemic, national coin shortage and a dramatic decrease in in-person retail and red kettle fundraising starts to look pretty bleak. However, the Salvation Army isn’t losing hope. Rather than giving up, they’re gearing up to serve as much as 155% more people than usual through virtual fundraising. We are committed to joining them in their effort to #RescueChristmas.

Help Us #RescueChristmas

In past years, we’ve raised money by going out to our local Cabela’s storefront and ringing a bell for a few hours. This year, we’re staying home, staying safe and ringing our virtual bell for the entire month of December. Virtual donations open December 1st – click here to visit the Rob Rice Homes & Epic Realty fundraising page and join us in our mission to #RescueChristmas! We are aiming to raise $5,000 by December 31st and do our part to give our neighbors in need here in Thurston County a safe, cozy Christmas.