Outdoor Lighting Trends for Washington Homes

Washington HomesIf you starting talking about shopping for new lights this time of year, everyone naturally thinks you’re talking about holiday lights. But you’re just staying a few steps ahead — you know that now is the time to start planning your exterior home improvements, so everything is completed in time to enjoy the spring weather.

When you’re revamping your Washington home’s exterior look, lighting needs to be a top priority if you want your new landscaping to really stand out. From solar-powered lights and LEDs to glowing globes and classic lanterns, here are four of the latest trends in outdoor lighting to consider incorporating into your new backyard design.

Go Solar

Alternative energy has become mainstream and solar-powered outdoor lighting is just another testament to that. You can now find anything from stairway lighting and path lanterns to holiday lights available in solar-powered options. The key to a successful transition to solar lighting is to install the lights in areas of your yard that get plenty of sunlight to ensure that the solar cells will be able to store up enough energy during the day to power all of your lights for the entire night.

Worried that you can’t use solar lights because you live in a less than sunny climate like Seattle or Pittsburgh? There’s no need to count out solar powered lighting. You can have a landscape lighting contractor install a remote solar panel in the sunniest area of your property to capture the necessary energy to keeps your lights fully powered even on gloomy, gray days.

Opt for LED

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is taking over the outdoor lighting scene. LEDs have grown particularly popular for use in pathway, landscape and swimming pool lighting, as well as in other applications where a subdued amount of light is the goal. The resulting effect is an understated glow that makes your yard and pool the focal point, instead of the lights themselves. Choose LED lights that are programmable to automate your outdoor lighting so that you never have to worry about it.

Get Glowing Globes

If your tastes skew more modern and you love sculptural details, illuminated globes are the perfect touch to add to your backyard. These bold spheres can be found in a wide range of sizes and they look just as whimsical nestled along the garden path as they do floating in your pool. The majority of illuminated globes on the market are lit by rechargeable LEDs, for maximum energy efficiency.

Add Old-World Charm with Lanterns

Lanterns are back in a big way when it comes to exterior lighting. If illuminated globes are too slick for your style, lanterns are likely just the right mix of classic elegance and sleek luxury. Whether used as sconces framing your entrance, hung along the garden path, suspended overhead as a pendant or adorning your outdoor tablescape, lanterns pack a punch of timeless style and charm. Forgo ornate detailing in favor of a more industrial style for a look that will look chic for the long haul.