Luxury Homes Nearly Sold Out in Steilacoom Ridge As Demand Increases


Back in March, we acknowledged the heat of the market in 2020, and the fact that we sold more individual units since January than in developer Rob Rice’s 30-year career. Despite the complications presented by a global pandemic and economic downturn, the housing market remains unusually hot. We are pleased to say that our beautiful Steilacoom Ridge community is nearly sold out with only one home currently available at the time of writing this, and we have only two homes remaining in our Bradbury neighborhood.

At Rob Rice Homes, we pride ourselves on the value of our luxury homes and refuse to compromise on any aspect of our quality guarantee. Our success over the past few decades has been largely due to our commitment to quality and determination to build luxury homes and neighborhoods that exceed expectations. From the quality of our materials to the size and landscaping of our lots, all the way to the service provided by our experienced brokers, mass production has never been on the menu of services we provide. Like so many aspects of 2020, this year’s housing market is unprecedented within our company’s lifetime, and we are once again receiving inquiries about increasing production to meet demand.

Keeping The “Luxury” In Luxury Homes

“We plan to build a set number of homes each year,” says co-owner Helena Rice. “We want to build consistently and retain the same core team of suppliers and sub-contractors, so each community can be top-quality and consistent all the way through.”

With their immaculately landscaped lots, convenient locations and luxury materials, Rob Rice homes are some of the hottest in the South Sound. It would make sense to keep pace with the housing market, but Helena says it’s not that simple.

“We can’t guarantee the excellence of partners we haven’t vetted, and you just don’t get that when you rush to meet demand,” she explains. “There is an expectation of value that comes with a Rob Rice Home. We can’t have two homes on a block that are of drastically different quality because two different sub-contractors built them.”

So, what’s a homebuyer to do?

Interested in A Rob Rice Home?

Rather than amassing a fleet of quickly made homes to meet the housing market’s demand, Epic Realty brokers Christina Janis and Lucia Arroyo keep a running list of prospective buyers, called “the interest list.” It’s a wait list of sorts, for serious buyers ready to stake their claim on the next available Rob Rice Home.

“It’s a great way to keep in touch with prospective buyers,” says Helena. “When a new home comes up, we reach out to the next person on the list and help them begin the process of customizing their dream home. Pre-sales are a very popular way for buyers to select the plan they want on a lot they like.”

That customization process is extensive, and one of the things buyers love most about their Rob Rice Homes. Those who get in on the “pre-sale” process, by buying before construction is completed or even before it starts, get to choose their own surfaces, paint, doors, exterior details and more. It’s this attention to detail that keeps buyers coming back and ensures our luxury homes continue to sell out from neighborhood to neighborhood.

“Pre-sale buyers get to go to Olympia Lighting to select their light fixtures and Signature Designs for flooring, and interior finishes,” explains Christina. “Folks really love creating a home that fits their style and shopping with local South Sound suppliers.”

Steilacoom Ridge Nearly Sold Out

Steilacoom Ridge, in gorgeous and centrally located Lacey, Washington, is the latest Rob Rice community to have limited current inventory. Lacey is one of the fastest-growing cities in Thurston County, full of small-town charm and family-friendly activities. It’s a perfect setting for a Rob Rice community, with convenient proximity to Joint-Base Lewis-McCord, excellent schools and recreation centers.

Beyond the magic of Lacey, Steilacoom Ridge boasts some of our most popular luxury home plans, including main-floor master designs. The Pine, Aspen, Cottonwood and Spruce all feature a first-floor master suite, bursting with possibility for families, empty-nesters and those looking to host guests or work from home with ample room. Our rambler layouts are modern, versatile and feature centrally located kitchens and vaulted ceilings in the great room.

“The variety of layouts allow folks to easily find their perfect home,” says Christina Janis. “And of course, it’s all about ‘location, location, location!’”

For more information about our Steilacoom Ridge community and to get added to our interest list, please contact us at