Let There Be Light: How To Brighten Your New Rob Rice Home For the Winter


Now that the rainy fall season is in full swing, daylight savings time has taken effect and a chilly winter is fast approaching, it is an ideal time to make sure your Rob Rice home is fully equipped with high-quality lighting that will meet all your needs in the upcoming darker months. Keep reading for recommendations on lighting ideas for your Rob Rice home, recent lighting trends and the best ways to remain energy-efficient this time of year.

Lighting Ideas for Your Rob Rice Home

One of the easiest ways to adjust the lighting in your home during the fall and winter seasons is with floor and table lamps. This lighting idea for your home is perfect as it’s less expensive than installing permanent fixtures and the lighting placement is much more flexible. As an added bonus, it’s easy get creative with fun lamp bases and shades that fit your own personal style.

If you do have the desire to install permanent lighting fixtures in your Rob Rice home for either aesthetic or functional purposes, there are many options and styles to choose from. This article highlights 14 lighting ideas for your home guaranteed to keep it well-lit and cozy on dark, cold nights. Please remember, if you are at all uncomfortable installing lighting fixtures yourself, make sure to hire a licensed electrician who is qualified to safely install them in your Rob Rice home.

Another lighting idea to consider during the darker months is to install additional outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights can make your home more secure when it is dark in addition to helping with safety as it gets snowy and icy. If you’re not sure where you want to install your outdoor lighting, try walking around with a flashlight at night to discover the places you need to turn it on. Just as with indoor lighting fixtures, there are many factors to consider when installing outdoor lights, such as what types of fixtures are needed, how bright you want the light to be and what styles best fit your tastes.


Installing outdoor lighting at your Rob Rice home can help with safety.

The Most Recent Trends In Lighting

Lighting trends, as with any type of home decorating, tend to change as years go by. To help us stay on top of what’s currently popular with lighting, we spoke with Cheryl Knittle from Olympia Lighting Center. Cheryl shared with us that one of the biggest trends she is seeing is the mixing of modern and traditional lighting, black or two-toned fixtures and brushed nickel. If your Rob Rice home currently only features modern lighting fixtures, now might be the time to mix things up a bit and pick something eclectic you love. The hope is that your lighting fixtures will last for years to come, so you want to be happy with them from the start!

In addition to the style trends mentioned above, other trends that the American Lighting Association has seen this year include oversized light fixtures, dimmable lights and the use of smart bulbs.

Not only are smart bulbs a relatively inexpensive way to integrate smart appliances into your Rob Rice home, they are also an incredibly convenient lighting option. With the use of smart bulbs you can turn lights off and on from any location in your home. Not only that, but most smart bulbs give you the ability to set motion detectors so lights will go off automatically when you leave a room for a certain amount of time.

Energy-Efficiency in Your Rob Rice Home

Power usage in your home inevitably increases during cold winter months, not only because of the chilly temperatures, but due to the increased use of indoor and outdoor lighting as well. In our new Rob Rice homes, every light fixture uses an LED lightbulb. These bulbs last longer and are more energy-efficient than traditional lightbulbs. Their use has many other benefits as well, including:

  • The ability to operate in cold conditions
  • Design flexibility
  • No heat or UV emissions

Some additional tips for saving both power and money on your electric bill in your Rob Rice home include:

  1. Turn off lighting in any room you aren’t using. Though you may be tempted to turn on every light in your house since it is getting dark so early in the afternoon, use lights solely in the room you’re in and turn the rest off to save energy and money.
  2. Paint the inside your home with light colors. The light will reflect better than darker colors and you will be able to use lower wattage lightbulbs.
  3. Use timers to automatically turn off your lights at set times.
  4. Don’t over-light rooms. This guide from HuffPost goes room by room and explains how many watts you should be using in each one.

Don’t forget to turn off the lights in your Rob Rice home when you are done with them.

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