Here Are Top Five Home Storage Trends You Shouldn’t Miss Out In 2024

Your living space is like a blank canvas, waiting for your personality, passions and creativity to breathe life into it. As homeowners in Olympia, WA, we often prioritize storage when designing our spaces – and rightfully so. However, here’s the intriguing twist: home storage transcends mere functionality; it’s an art form that seamlessly integrates practicality with aesthetics.

At Rob Rice Homes, we recognize that a house is more than just a functional place; it’s a reflection of your lifestyle. Let us give you suggestions to transform storage into an art form – one that combines functionality with aesthetics.

Storage: Beyond The Ordinary

When we hear the word “storage,” we usually think of cluttered closets, overstuffed drawers and jam-packed cabinets just to maintain the aesthetic appeal of our homes. What if we shift our perspective? Instead of viewing storage as a mere functional requirement, let’s explore the top five storage trends for this year that you can seamlessly incorporate into your own living space.

  1. Embrace Quiet Luxury

Have you heard of the term “quiet luxury”? Just like the fashion industry celebrates understated elegance, the same ethos has found its way into home design. Think of classic elements seamlessly woven into thoughtfully crafted, multi-functional spaces.

Rob Rice Homes offers an array of rambler, main-floor primary plans, and two-story options – all with superior finishes and generous storage spaces. Rob prioritizes contemporary functionality while leaving room for your personal touch. You’re free to customize materials and storage solutions, envision your dream space and savor the joy of a home tailored just for you.

Multi-functional furniture, like an ottoman or a pullout bed frame, can be charming pieces in your home and serve as additional storage to tuck away your things.

2. Invest In Multi-functional Furniture

Depending on the look you want to achieve in your home, multi-functional furniture still holds appeal to many homeowners. Imagine a stylish, elegant ottoman that doubles as storage – perfect for stashing away blankets, toys or magazines. Alternatively, you could consider getting in a bed with drawers underneath. This is a clever way to declutter your bedroom and create a more organized and serene environment.

Aspen 2492 and Cottonwood 2509 plans, both in the Steilacoom Ridge and Bradbury communities, offer a spacious attic that can transform to a multi-functional storage space. Homeowners can add in custom shelving systems or we can have our team build one for you.

Rob Rice Homes takes pride in building storage spaces in each house plan to complement your lifestyle. Our laundry room has spacious and ample maple cabinetry made from high-quality materials which can double as an extension of your closet.

3. Create Secondary Spaces

Homeowners are now reimagining the traditional functions of their rooms and embracing the versatility of each corner. With homes as spacious as Steilacoom Ridge or Bradbury, converting rooms into multi-purpose areas are made easier.

If you’re craving more space, consider these creative storage hacks:

  • Use open shelves to display your collections.
  • Let your laundry room do double duty by also turning it into a mudroom.
  • Extend your storage options by installing sturdy shelves and wall hooks in the garage.

The storage spaces beneath the stairs in some of our Rob Rice Homes plans are very close to the kitchen. These areas can serve as extra storage or a fun kids play area.

4. Smart Organization

Consider incorporating built-in shelves that seamlessly blend with your walls, offering both storage and display space. Hidden cabinets provide a tidy solution for stowing away essentials while maintaining a clean aesthetic. Don’t forget the area beneath the stairs which can be transformed into multipurpose storage space.

Notably, the Steilacoom Ridge and Bradbury designs feature ample maple cabinetry and storage options, including walk-in pantries and innovative solutions like full storage utilization under the stairs.

Smart organization means seamlessly blending and maximizing every space in your home, like this storage allocation by the entry hallway.

5. Sustainable Storage Solutions

Sustainability isn’t a passing trend; it’s a lifestyle shift. When selecting designs, opt for ones that resonate with your overall home decor. Opt for reusable storage containers made from natural materials like bamboo or glass. You can also label your bins with eco-friendly chalkboard tags. Not only will you declutter, but you’ll also contribute to a greener planet.

Rob Rice Homes takes pride in incorporating wood shelving into each home plan, ensuring that your living environment seamlessly integrates natural materials with your lifestyle.

Eco-friendly and reusable storage containers, such as glass jars and bags from natural fibers, are fantastic ways to elevate the look of your home.

Organization and storage are about creating harmony and maximizing every space in the house. Let these trends guide you toward a clutter-free, charming home.

About Rob Rice Homes

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