Dress Up a Staircase in Your New Home

New home

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Creating a supremely stylish and storage-friendly stairway is often a design challenge in a new home. While many stairwells offer interest and impact an entryway, it’s important to use a delicate hand when adding extra visual elements or secretive storage compartments. Certain décor, paint and artwork can change the overall ambiance and clash or conflict with an existing design scheme. Here are some ideas for creating a staircase that highlights and doesn’t compete with the charm and character of a home.

New home

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A super sleek and modern staircase offers numerous options for storage and artwork. A large black and white gallery wall provides a museum aesthetic while built-in bookcases and additional cabinetry offer a spot for travel trinkets and other keepsakes.

New home

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A traditional staircase is classic and chic and disguises a hidden passageway. Ideal for those looking for an innovative new home improvement project, this doorway bookshelf helps to conceal secret storage or a lower library. Add mystery and a bit of intrigue to your home with a custom covert corridor.

New home

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Transform an ordinary staircase into a multi-drawer storage unit. Perfect for stashing holiday storage, craft supplies and pet treats, this staircase dresser is a must-have in a home with limited storage options.

A contemporary new home gets a stylish and chic upgrade with a built-in desk tucked away beneath the staircase. Adding shelving, pendant lighting and desk drawers create an even more functional and work happy space.

New home

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Upgrade a wooden staircase with a design twist by adding a wine cellar. For those with large liquor collection, a staircase that doubles as a vino vault is a dream come true in a new home.

Guest Post By Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor