Do You Know Where Your Home’s Fresh Air Comes From in Your New Rob Rice Home?



Rob Rice Homes is proud to be partnered with Sunset Air, an extremely reputable local heating and cooling business, for the heating and cooling systems in each of our luxury new home communities. We are thrilled to showcase the Lacey-based business’ series of HVAC how-to videos and demonstrations aimed at familiarizing homeowners with the systems that heat, cool and refresh their Rob Rice homes.

With all the time spent indoors this year, fresh air has become a treasured commodity. As we learn more about the coronavirus, we see businesses and organizations focusing on air quality and circulation in their attempts to keep us safe and healthy. As the weather heats and cools, we rely on HVAC systems to circulate the air within our homes to keep us comfortable. We may not think about it much, but that air has to come from somewhere. How much fresh air is really in your home, and how does that work, anyway?

In this video from our partners at Sunset Air, residential service technician Robert explains how a fresh air system uses dampers to bring outdoor air in and improve the quality of the home’s internal environment. This brief video demonstrates just a fraction of the expertise and care Sunset Air provides each and every customer and every Rob Rice home.

Sunset Air does more than just heating and cooling; their services include complete HVAC installation, heating, cooling, duct and electrical maintenance. Their commitment to their South Sound customers is evident in all that they do and have done since 1976. Rob Rice Homes is proud to support such a reputable local business, and our satisfied customers agree.

We hope you enjoyed this video and encourage you to reach out to Sunset Air for all your HVAC and duct-related needs. To learn more about Sunset Air, visit their website at

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