Cleaning Through the Chaos: Tips for Busy Parents With a House on the Market

It’s hard to keep a house clean with children around under normal circumstances. When you’re trying to sell it, the job becomes even more difficult. A house that’s on the market has to be kept spotless every day because you never know when a motivated buyer may drop by. This is true even for new homes in Olympia, WA. Except for pricing, cleaning may be the most important thing you can do to sell a house. If you’re a busy parent with a home to sell, consider these pointers.

Start packing

Why not start packing, or “pre-packing,” to get some of your stuff out of the way? That’ll make it easier to keep your home looking clean and organized, with fewer objects for the kids to mess around with. And, of course, it makes packing that much easier after your property has been sold. Declutter while you’re packing and get rid of anything that’s no longer needed or wanted. Reducing the quantity of belongings in your home will make your job much easier.

Consider renting a storage unit for excess items to keep your home from appearing too busy. Boxes stacked to the ceiling or overloading the garage won’t allow buyers to envision themselves in your home. Putting unused toys, clothing, and other miscellaneous items in storage can help preserve your home’s appearance and the feel you want to convey, and you’ll only spend between an average of $35 and $50 per month to use one.

Consider calling in help

Keeping a squeaky-clean home is a daunting challenge if you’re a busy parent, especially if your kids are little. You could clean by the hour and still never get the place quite tidy enough. If it’s within your budget, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to give the place a thorough cleaning, from baseboards to ceiling. Housekeeping Rates vary depending on factors like where you live and how big your home is, but a single deep cleaning could cost as little as $75 and give you a valuable headstart on keeping the place tidy while it’s for sale. You should be able to focus on straightening and tidying before showings as long as the cleaners have done the really grimy work for you.

Get everyone working together

Keeping your home clean every day takes a true family effort, and that means getting the kids involved. To do that, it’s important to set a good example so the kids see that everything’s kept in its place for a reason. The easier you can make it for them to clean their rooms, the likelier they are to do their part. Make cleaning a regular part of your household routine so everyone comes to expect it. Turn it into a game for the kids, or when you’re in a real pinch, bribe them with their favorite pizza or a trip to the movies.

Maintain perspective

It’s stressful keeping a house sparkling clean day after day. It’s certainly not the relaxed lifestyle most people prefer, and it doesn’t always mesh well with a child’s preferred way of living. Remind everyone that it’s only temporary, even if selling is taking longer than you’d expected. Help them remember that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. If you have yet to choose a new house, drive by the new homes in Olympia, WA now and then to remind the kids of what’s waiting at the end of your ordeal. You can even let them help you choose a new neighborhood.

There’s little doubt that the anticipation of moving to a new home in Olympia, WA is a lot more fun than keeping your existing home in selling condition. Keeping the “troops” motivated is difficult, but it’s important, because presenting a clean house to buyers takes everyone pulling together. The pay-off will be worth all the sweat and toil.

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