A Tub-Less Bathroom Is Gaining In Popularity

Master BathWe see it on a regular basis.  Washington homebuyers are requesting that we remove the bathtub in the master bath to enable them to have a large walk-in shower.  One thing to consider is re-sale.  We often suggest to our buyers to plumb for the tub to enable a future buyer to put one in easily.

The American Institute of Architects says that the tub-less bathroom is growing in popularity.  Its annual Home Design Trends Survey found that more than 60% of homeowners preferred a stall shower without a tub in 2013. Compare that to 49% in 2012, the first year they specifically surveyed about tub-less bathrooms.

A recent Houzz poll agrees, with 58% of respondents claiming, “you’ll never sell that house without a tub.”

Go ahead and make that change to your new Washington home but be sure at least one of your homes bathrooms has a bathtub.

Will your dream shower fit?  Most building codes say the floor of a shower stall should be at least 30-inches-by-30 inches. A 36-inch-by-36-inch-wide stall is recommended by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). If you’re building to the NKBA standards, an existing tub alcove probably needs modification — such as adding short sections of wall — to make the finished shower space 36 inches deep.

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