A Step-By-Step Guide To Moving With Kids And Pets

Moving into a new home in Olympia, WA can be one of the most taxing situations of your life. You’re not just moving all your possessions, you’re changing your entire life. It’s no wonder that some people believe moving into a new home in Olympia WA, is more stressful than getting a divorce. As stressful as moving can be, preparing kids and/or pets could make it even more stressful — as the emotional burden they carry throughout the process can be even greater.

For young children and pets, routines are very important. Children experience constant changes as they grow and develop, so the security of familiarity — such as bedrooms or backyards — provides some much-needed stability in their lives. For pets, any changes to their surroundings and routines can be displeasing. In both cases, moving to a new house in Olympia WA, can throw their lives into commotion. Unless you pay special attention to their needs before, during and after the move, children and pets could become reserved, scared or unhappy.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make the moving process potentially less stressful for your children and pets. For example, you can help kids adjust to the idea of moving by letting them choose the color of their new bedrooms. With pets, you can help them adjust by taking them for long car rides (if you’re moving long-distance). Packing your children’s favorite items in the same box can help them feel more comfortable by knowing where they are, not to mention easily accessible after move. Leaving pets with a sitter could help to keep them busy. Once you arrive at the new home in Olympia WA, you can help kids and pets settle in by placing their belongings as similar as possible to the layout in the old house.

These and other tips for all stages of the moving process can be found in the infographic crafted by University Moving and Storage below.