A Familiar Face: Meet Rob Rice Homes’ New “Super Assistant” Becky Gottlieb

For many just starting in the real estate development industry, the opportunity to work side-by-side with one of Thurston County’s most respected developers would be intimidating. For Rob Rice Homes’ Becky Gottlieb, it’s kind of like coming home.

“I call it a ‘small-big company,’” Becky says. “Everybody’s tight-knit and knows each other pretty well. It’s been that way my whole life.”

Becky’s history with the company began before she was born – her dad, George, has worked for Rob as a site superintendent for over 30 years. Becky grew up watching him work and chipping in where she could. Her first paying job involved watering plants and setting up sprinklers on the lawns in newly constructed Rob Rice Homes developments. As a teen, she babysat Rob and Helena Rice’s eldest son – now a teenager himself.

“I always try to run away and do something different,” Becky jokes. “But I always come back because I love it.”

After several years in an unrelated industry, Becky returned to Rob Rice Homes’ Thurston County office as a receptionist and customer service representative. It wasn’t long before she was intrigued by the more hands-on aspects of the business, working her way to the new title of “Super Assistant.”

Becky (aged 6) with Rob Rice (L) and her dad, George, at a company function.

Within this role (which is a mix of “superintendent” and “assistant”), Becky gets to learn the home development side of the business from Rob in the field and help take over a few of Helena’s former duties around the office.

“We have a picture of her with Rob when she was six, and now she’s working as his right-hand person,” says Helena. “It’s very exciting for all of us, and we’re super proud of her.”

For Becky, it’s the company culture that keeps drawing her back to work for Rob Rice Homes –getting to do a job she loves is the cherry on top.

“I’ve always valued how much pride Rob takes in what he does, and how much he stands behind his products,” Becky explains. “Those values are passed around to everyone who works here; there’s a family vibe because we work for a company that really appreciates its employees.”

She’s excited to transition from the office to the field and see each stage of the development process, from purchasing the land to selling a finished home.

Some of her duties include working with Rob on permits, local jurisdiction and energy codes to ensure a smooth and legal construction process, tracking upcoming projects and selecting interior and exterior finishes for the homes themselves. All in all, Becky expects she’ll have plenty to keep her busy, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“There’s so much that goes into it, and I can’t wait to be hands-on in those processes,” she says.

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