4 Awesome Updates To Make To Your Home

The median value of Seattle-area homes was $473,500 in January, up 6 percent from January 2014, according to Zillow data. Home values are expected to rise another 4.7 percent by the end of 2015. A hot housing market gives homeowners the opportunity to take out low-interest home equity loans for remodeling or sell their existing homes and upgrade to something that suits them better. A redesign or remodeling job should put a personal touch on your home as well as make it more efficient and increase its overall value. The following four ideas can help turn your house into a dream home.

Rain Harvesting Wall

Rainwater Slim Line Harvesting Walls are great additions to patios not only for aesthetic value, but also to give you the cleanest drinking water possible. The storage nooks on both the panel and rock sides of the wall are large enough for flower pots or other decor, and the six-foot barrier provides both privacy and protection from midday sun. Of course, the main benefit: During each of the Puget Sound area’s 822 hours of measurable rainfall every year, you’ll be harvesting pure drinking water for your family.

The wall will pay for itself within a year by eliminating the need to buy bottled water, while providing a cosmetically appealing addition to your patio.

Swimming Pool

Rob_rice_homesThe average homeowner in the Northwest spends about $9,923 on a swimming pool installation, according to Home Advisor. The price will be significantly lower for an above-ground pool, although the return on investment is lower as well.

Cost, space and zoning are the issues that must be weighed before installing a pool. Research the rules and permits required on your city’s department of planning and development website before beginning any project. Those who have never owned a swimming pool should join an online pool community to ask other homeowners questions and learn about the process firsthand..

Curb Appeal

Landscaping is how you add a personal touch to your home. There are so many ideas for homeowners to enhance their front and backyards.

Walkways are easy to install and provide a means of connecting different spaces. Brick walkways are great for colonial-style homes, whereas paver and gravel paths complement more modern homes. Plant hedges or lines of trees to separate spaces in your yard. Those who enjoy color should consider contrasting plant arrangements. For instance, alternating sunflower and salvia arrangements brings out the yellow and purple more in each respectively. Though you could hire someone to do the landscaping for you, it’s more fun and less expensive to do it yourself.

Fold-Out Balcony

RVs and campers have slide-outs to create more space inside. Homeowners have the option of adding a fold-out balcony to their bedrooms to create the same effect.

The Bloomframe Fold-Out Balcony lets you stand or sit outside to watch the stars or just soak up the air on a beautiful night with the push of a button. Homeowners can turn just about any window into a motorized balcony that open and retracts in about 15 seconds. Its heavy-duty steel and aluminum frame ensures support up to 770 pounds per square meter.

The only downside to the Bloomframe is its $12,000 price tag. But the coolness factor make the investment well worth it.